Monday, June 7, 2010

Giveaway!! **Updated**

My little man is turning 1 this week!!! I just cannot believe how big he is getting – I swear he grew at least another inch last night!! There were so many firsts this year, for all of us. First time parents, my first time not having a job outside the home, first serious injury (thank God that one’s over with!!), and I’m surprised I have not had my first gray hair yet!

So, since I will be getting everything ready for his 1st birthday party, I will be taking a little hiatus from blogging this week. But….I will be leaving you with something….


I will be opening my shop back up at the end of this month after a major overhaul and one of the new items I will be carrying will be these super cute, super soft cloth wipes. (Lovingly called ‘Ucky Wipes’.)

These 8” x 8” wipes feature adorably soft flannel on both sides and come in a variety of patterns. Ucky Wipes are extremely versatile and can be used to clean up many ‘uckies’. Use them on your baby’s bum as a gentle alternative to disposable wipes. Use them as face wipes to clean off the meal time uckies. Use them as tissues for those runny nose uckies (What kid wants to use those ugly, scratchy kleenexes anyway?). Fold these wipes in half and they fit perfectly in most disposable wipes containers.

Today’s giveaway is for a set of 4 Ucky Wipes in your choice of patterns!!

***UPDATED*** I will also be giving the lucky winner a customized travel wipes case to match their choice of wipes!!!

Browns & Blues

Wild Animals

Polka Dots

Little Ones

How to Enter: (You will be entered for each task you complete.)

1) (You must complete this first task to be entered.) Leave a comment on this post telling me what pattern set is your favorite and what you would use these wipes for.

2) Become a fan of Tara Nicole Designs on Facebook.

3) Write on your Facebook wall or blog telling about this giveaway. Leave a link to your post either on the fan page or on this post.

The drawing will be open until next Monday, June 14th at 12:00pm central time and I will announce the winner on Tuesday, June 15th. Good Luck!!!!


  1. the wild animals set is my faveorite! I just fell in love with sute little wild animals while pregnant withmy now 10 month old son. I am about to start cloth diapering (as soon as it all get here in themail and gets washed). I'm sooo excited, and although my sons bum cant say so i know it will be excited to be out of sposies and into cloth. My husband wants to only use disposable wipes but I think cloth wipes would be great. They will always be fresh and clean. Theres no need to keep them moist (although I could if i wanted) so they would be not only good for dry but wet messes also, thats something wet wpies arent as good for. My son is a messy eater it would be great to wipe his face with a cloth instead of a papertowel!

    So to answer the question as to what these would be used for: baby bum, hands, faces, its summer which means shirtless so baby chest cleanups after popcicles maybe, anything i could use a wet wipe or a paper towel these would replace.

  2. I Love the Polka Dots...My best estimate will be i will use them as Bum Wipers and spill wipers or just general uckyiness...I will be ordering some anyway but, would love to try them out!!

  3. I am already a fan btw- Love 'Em- Sara Walton

  4. I love the browns & blues and the animal prints
    nscrofan at rogers dot com

  5. I love the browns and blues!
    coriehowell at gmail

  6. Beautiful! I love them all but my favorite ones are the brown and blue set. I would use them at meal times for my baby girl (who just turned one a few days ago) or when I travel, for my diaper bag. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  7. The browns and blues are beautiful! They would get lots of use at our house, for bums, sticky hands and faces, as well as "learning to drink from a cup" spills!

  8. like them all!! if i had to pick one, little animals... i would put them in the diaper bag and use them to wipe faces, hands, and bums...

  9. I love the polka dot wipes and I would use them for bum wipes


  10. I love the browns and blues! They are great for boys or girls :) I became a fan on FB too...just about to post about your give away!

    Check out my blog http://brynnsbeautifulbows.blogspot


  11. I love the wild animals wipes. We would use them instead of disposable wipes! So cute.

  12. Fan of tara nicole designs
    tiffany w.

  13. blogged

  14. I "Like" you on FB! (Ashley Reynolds)
    reynoldsmommy at gmail dot com

  15. Okay, so I don't know if my mandatory entry went up now! My PC went a little nuts and I don't know if it actually went! Please delete this comment if needed! Sorry!

    I would choose the Wild Animals to wipe my son up after meal time---messy eater of course!!
    reynoldsmommy at gmail dot com