Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WAHM Wednesday: Danielle from Crazy Colorful Wools

Tell us about your business:
Crazy Colorful Wools is the home of awesome wool dryer balls. While I specialize in wool dryer balls, I also offer yummy wool felted soaps as well. CCW was started a few months ago when I became a SAHM and wanted to provide an awesome eco-friendly product everyone could use and love.

Wool Dryer Balls

What makes your business fabulous?
What is more fabulous than saving money? Adding in just a few dryer balls to each load of laundry can save you money each time you do a load. Plus, I offer a wide variety of scents to make your laundry smell delicious!


Why did you become a WAHM?
My son was born almost a year ago and I decided with my husband to become a SAHM. As my son got older and became more independent and more on a schedule I realized that I could be doing something awesome and productive with my time. I talked many nights with my husband about starting up an Etsy shop by making wool dryer balls. He backed me 100% and off I went.

How do you find the time?
Work time has become my son's nap time during the days. When my husband comes home from work, my work day officially begins and I concentrate on getting more balls done. I also work feverishly over the weekends since I have an extra pair of hands helping me with my son.

Any tips for other WAHMs?
Felted Soap

If you want to become a WAHM, do it! I was so hesitant on starting up my shop with a million questions floating around in my head. I love being able to stay home with my son while making a little money on the side. Also, network as much as you can. Offer giveaways and discounts and market your products to as many different people as you can.

Which of your products is your favorite?
I love making my Crazy wool dryer balls. I love throwing different colors together and seeing what comes out when they are done felting. I love the array of colors that I end up sending out to my customers and I hope they are as happy with them as I am.

Any specials or giveaways we should know about?
Always check my Facebook for current giveaways or specials since they are always changing. For I Heart Fluff fans, use the code  "FLUFF" for 15% off your order.

Nakey Dryer Balls

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