Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ecobumz Review...Continued...

I know what you're saying, "These Ecobumz Supreme Stuffable AIOs must be pretty good if they are getting a two part review!"  They actually are that good, but I also wanted to share some pictures that I didn't get in the first review.

These are my precious Ecobumz. Right now we only have two - a light blue one and a teal one. These both have aplix, but I ordered a couple with snaps and I can't wait to try those out!

The inside of the diaper. Seriously, you won't be able to stop touching the bamboo velour!

The outside of the diaper.

I hope these next few pictures are easier to understand than my description of how to attach the aplix for washing...

It really is just as simple as turning the diaper so the inside shows.
It does take a little practice with a wet or dirty diaper, but, I promise, it will get easier.
I'm a pro at turning the diapers now!

This is how the diaper will look when you wash it.

Here's the optional insert for the diaper.
When I do use the insert, I just fold it in half before stuffing the diaper.

Another thing I love about the Ecobumz Supreme Stuffable AIO is that both the outer edge and the inner edge of the pocket have elastic. Some diapers don't have elastic on the inner edge and I find that it always seems to be sticking out of the diaper without that elastic helping to hold it in.

I hope these pictures helped give you a better insight into these diapers. If you'd like to purchase some, make sure you visit the Ecobumz website. You can shop directly off the website or find a retailer in your area.


  1. My Fuzzibunz don't have that elastic in the back, and that piece does stick out sometimes. It hasn't really been a problem, though. I am in love with my FB, but I just ordered an Ecobumz and I really like the idea of the bamboo! I can't wait to get it--I need to order a bunch more and I'm not sure which ones to settle on!

  2. Yeah, it's really not a problem, just one of those little irritating things for me. LOL. I have some Blueberry diapers that I absolutely adore and they don't have the elastic either. But, I wouldn't give them up for anything! :)