Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WAHM Wednesday: Dixie from Pixie Fluff

One Size Pixie Fluff Cloth Diaper

I am so excited to introduce Dixie, owner of Pixie Fluff, as this week's featured WAHM. I actually just received one of her diapers and I love it already!  I'll let Dixie tell you a little bit about herself before I start gushing about her diapers. :)

"I am a stay at home mom of 3 kids under 5 and a great stepson who taught me how to take care of them. I have cloth diapered since my 5 year old was a baby. Right now, the youngest two kids are in diapers . One is three months old, the other is two years old. I started making diapers while I was pregnant with the youngest, and now I am making diapers for her and for my two year old who is outgrowing all of his. I love it, so I want to make diapers for everyone! I have been breastfeeding for almost five years with only a few months breaks between kids, so I wanted to make nursing covers to make it easier to feed my babies on the go... I love my nursing covers because they are so much bigger than most of them I have seen, and allow more modesty and more confidence!"

Pixie Fluff Nursing Cover

I just want to share a couple pics of our Pixie Fluff diaper so you can see how wonderful it is!

The inside is so soft and has gussets (great for keeping any poo in)...

I love the fact that there are more than just a couple size settings. This is truly a one size diaper that will last from newborn into the toddler years.

On largest setting

On smallest setting

Make sure to visit Pixie Fluff's facebook page and the Pixie Fluff store on to learn more about her products!

Thanks Dixie, for being this week's featured WAHM Wednesday mama!! Be sure to grab this button when you get a chance. <3

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