Wednesday, July 21, 2010

WAHM Wednesday: Erin from Wooltopia

Honestly, before cloth diapering, I didn't even know wool dryer balls existed! I've seen the plastic ones, but I really had no desire to use them in my dryer. Of course, I used the tennis ball trick every now and then when I had one of my big comforters in the dryer. But, I never realized how awesome dryer balls could be until just recently. Did you know that by using 3 or 4 dryer balls, you can cut your drying time by 25%? Hmm...saving energy and reducing static clean without any nasty chemicals...why wouldn't you use wool dryer balls? Plus, your clothes can smell super yummy when you use scented balls. (Okay, who else just giggled a little?)

I asked Erin to tell me a little bit about herself and why she decided to start Wooltopia:

"As a cloth diapering mother, I'd been wanting something to soften my clothes without using harsh chemicals. I had heard about dryer balls, but only the plastic ones, and then only negative reviews. When I heard about wool dryer balls I was immediately interested. My mom raised me on the motto "I can make that myself!", so I set off to the craft store. I tried a lot of different methods and different wools before finally settling on our current wool.

Since then, I found that not many people know about dryer balls, or they don't really know the benefits. I love having the opportunity to spread the word about something so eco-friendly and something that helps people save money.

With 2 young boys at home, my work-at-home opportunities are a bit limited. But with dryer balls, I can make them anytime and anywhere. And I can sell a product that I use and believe in. I've always said that I'm an awful salesperson. But when the product sells itself you don't have to be a good salesperson!"

Erin is offering some fantastic specials right now at Wooltopia. Until July 31st, you can get free shipping with the code FREESHIP. She's also offering free scents until July 31st. Just let her know what free scent you'd like in the comments section of your order. 

Make sure to like her Facebook page and keep an eye out for a whole new lineup of colors and scents and other specials that will be coming out soon!

Thanks Erin for being this week's WAHM! Make sure to grab the WAHM Wednesday button when you get a chance. :)

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